5 Physical Abilities Which Prove Why X-23 Shined In LOGAN

Fans can’t handle the end of the Hugh Jackman’s globetrot as Wolverine in one of the most iconic comic book franchises, X-Men. No matter who would be taking his place in the later cinematic movies, but one character that has amazed us is the X-23, the daughter of Wolverine, who is also dubbed as Laura Kinney. She has shown exceptional fighting skills and her presence made the movie, Logan, more fascinating. So today we bring you five amazing abilities of X-23 which made her a lethal character in the Logan.

Assassination expert

5 Physical Abilities Which Prove Why X-23 Shined In LOGON

Well, the first instance in Logan where X-23 slashes off an enemies head was a big blow to the fans and felt like she is going kick some ass. Due to her expert covert ops training, X-23 is specialized in handling all kinds of weapons, fighting styles and damn good at assassinations.

Super intellect

Being the daughter of the Wolverine, we can understand this fact better. She possesses the potential to process a huge amount of information than an average human being. And she is pretty flexible in handling tactical situations.

Super tracker

She is a young mutant that Professor Charles Xavier kept mentioning about it in the whole film until he was killed. X-23 possess strong senses which make her an expert tracker. She can memorize various different fragrances.

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