Here’s The First Reveal Of Thor And The Hulk In A Gladiator Battle For Ragnarok

Yesterday saw the digital release of Doctor Strange which is in itself a gift for fans. But Marvel gave some extra teasers that are bound to bring a bundle of anticipation onto its next release Thor Ragnarok. Ragnarok has already been hyped to be unlike any Thor movie fans have ever seen, with the inclusion of Avenger member The Hulk and Doctor Strange himself.

Check Out The First Reveal Of Thor And The Hulk In A Gladiator Battle For Ragnarok

The extra teasers consisted of three concept arts for the upcoming film that showcase what looked to be the Planet Hulk part of the film. Planet Hulk was a comic book which showed The Hulk being abducted to the planet Sakaar and being forced to fight other aliens in gladiator battles. The artwork sees a shocked looking Thor defending himself against what looks like a very angry Hulk.

Concept art is what filmmakers make before the start of the actual shoot. This way, there is a sense of direction for what the film will progress to.All concept art does not, however, make it into the film.This may be due to the scene just not working on a film as it did in print or vice versa. With the Ragnarok art, it looks as though it’s just a teaser that Marvel have given to make fans more excited for the upcoming release.

Another extra bonus that was featured in the Doctor Strange release is a continuation of the adventures of Thor and his roommate Daryl. Taika Waititi, the director of Ragnarok has a history of comedic films and gave fans just a slice of his comedic taste with a short film last year. The film told the story of what Thor was up to while Captain America: Civil War. Waititi had promised fans that Part 2 was coming up after the positive reception that short clip got.

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