5 Sexiest Sports Reporters That Will Destroy Your Sleep

Sports is an important part of our lives whether we play games or we watch it. Not a single day goes in our lives when we skip football leagues, cricket matches, Formula 1 racing, Baseball, and others. Generally, we have seen men commentators in the field who breaks the ice and is a reason to get our adrenaline pumping as the game is a few minutes away to begin. But today, there are several hot female sports newscasters who are pulling the excitement to a new level. So today, let’s check out the five hottest Sports Newscasters of 2016.

1. Georgina Thompson

Georgina Jane Ainslie, who is popularly known by Georgina Thompson, is an English newscaster and a television presenter. She has covered several tennis tournaments around the world. She started as a production assistant for GMTV and then worked in television media companies and magazines. She was crowned as the sexiest female in 2007.

2. Kirsty Gallacher

This Scottish-born newscaster and television presenter started her career as an anchor with Sky Sports in 1998. She left and switched the organization several times later, also working with biggest names like BBC. It’s hard to get our eyes off from her she reports the events. Who cares about events? Just look at her, she is hot.

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