5 Reasons Why Voldemort Should Be Afraid of Dumbledore

Lord Voldemort popularly known as the Master of the dark magic, believe it or not despite his enormous powers, he is ought to be afraid of Albus Dumbledore. Here’re the reasons.

Greatest Wizard in the World


All the Harry Potter fans are well aware of the fact that Albus Dumbledore is the greatest wizard in the world. He has enormous powers and masters each kind of spell in the world. Voldemort knows it well that Dumbledore is very powerful, in fact, he was the one who identified his talent and helped him become a great wizard.

Defeated the Grindelwald in 1945

2 5 Reasons Why Voldemort Is Afraid Of Dumbledore

Voldemort was not the first dark wizard master, in fact, there had been dark magic masters before him.Though it’s believed that Harry Potter was the chosen one to kill the dark wizard but he was not the only one who could finish Voldemort.Dumbledore had defeated one the greatest dark magic master Grindelwald and was very well capable of defeating another.

Unmatched Superpowers


J.K.Rowlling has mentioned in her books many times that Dumbledore was very well acknowledged with dark magic arts but he did not use them.According to him, people are made from their choices and he has chosen to be on a bright side. He had the power to be every bit as evil as Voldemort but chooses not to. Dobby spoke of Dumbledore’s powers and believed it rival those of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at the height of his strength.

Can Persuade the Wizard Community


The greatest wizard of the era has a strong support from the ministry. He could influence them to unite and fight against the evil force. Dumbledore was Hogwarts headmaster which enabled him to control the youngest minds of wizards who could be used to fight against the Dark lord. He could easily manage to garner the support of his students, friends, relatives, and ministry. This combined magic force could make a great harm to Lord Voldemort.

Capable enough to discover the secret of Horcrux


Voldemort feared that Dumbledore knew much about this knowledge, capabilities, and skills. He was the only one person who could reveal the secret of Horcrux due to his extraordinary intellectual skill. He had the support of his friends who have once taught Voldemort. All of his secrets could be revealed by Albus Dumbledore. He guided Harry Potter who was the chosen one to defeat the dark lord,they both as a team could find Voldemort’s secret of Horcrux.

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