Top 5 Hollywood Child Celebs Who Became Ugly

This is a rundown of big names who’ve looked awful with age than one would anticipate. As they gotten more established, these celebs have turned out to be increasingly ugly, some of them are no more drawn out conspicuous. May this be a lesson for all of us to watch our negative behavior patterns and not surrender to allurements of having an excessive amount of work done.

1) Macauley Culkin

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Macaulay Culkin was the child that made the Home Alone motion pictures the movies hits that they were. In any case, in the same way as other tyke on-screen characters, it incurred significant damage and he swung to drugs. He got himself perfect and attempted to get a couple acting spots, yet his grown-up appearance is not as charming. He now has a cheerful life out of the spotlight with his own particular band.

2) Lark Voorhies


Songbird Voorhies is most known for playing the lovable and cheeky Lisa Turtle on Saved By The Bell. Be that as it may, the years have not been caring for her, in more routes than one. She experiences emotional instability yet has still figured out how to make her own creation organization in her grown-up years. Clearly, a lot of her not exactly alluring grown-up appearance needs to do with plastic surgery.

3) Jonathan Lipnicki


Jonathan Lipnicki was the charming little youngster star that everybody cherished. He could act, he was the cutest young man on the extra large screen… and after that pubescence hit. As a youthful grown-up, he doesn’t look anything like his adolescence, self. His cute grin now appears to overwhelm his face and he may very well be excessively buff. Then again perhaps we’re only all missing that charming young man and not prepared to see the man he is present.

4) Jeremy Miller


Jeremy Miller might not have been the most appealing kid on Growing Pains, however, he had some solid rivalry with Kirk Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio. In any case, those unbalanced high schooler years hit hard and they exited their stamp. He doesn’t have the looks of his previous co-stars and his grin that was adorable on a kid is only somewhat odd on a developed man.

5) Clint Howard


Clint Howard was constantly known as the adorable Leon in The Andy Griffith Show. Be that as it may, though his sibling Ron Howard (Opie on The Andy Griffith Show), Clint grew up and remained before the camera. His appearance, particularly as he’s become more established, had pegged him as the unpleasant person in motion pictures. He generally plays characters that are only somewhat insane, dreadful or somewhat off, in light of the fact that that exactly who he resembles.

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