3 Reasons Why Avengers And Defenders Shouldn’t Crossover

Introduction: Check out why Avengers and Defenders should and shouldn’t crossover.

Marvel Avengers has been unrestricted to concentrate on introducing new 79 characters as well as crossovers that bring characters together in novel and thrilling ways. Ever since Daredevil was announced, fans have speculated if the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen would ever seem alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the Avengers films. With Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist joining the fray in The Defenders, the expectation and enthusiasm have only grown, leading Kevin Feige to weigh in on the likelihood of a crossover. The question is whether or not Marvel should cross over the two.

Check out these 3 Reasons they shouldn’t crossover.

1. It worsens The sequel problem



Why might Tony not approach the Hulk for help after his house was obliterated in Iron Man 3? Why might Captain America not request that Iron Man impact the help carriers out of the sky amid the peak of Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Furthermore, why might Thor not connect with the majority of the Avengers when Malekith undermined to pulverize the whole universe toward the end of Thor: The Dark World? This issue has frustrated the psyches of fans for quite a long time, and will just intensify in a Defenders/Avengers hybrid.

Once the Defenders communicate with the Avengers, every one of the pressure in their individual arrangement disseminates. What need will Daredevil have for Claire Temple when he can without much of a stretch go to Avengers tower for predominant medicinal treatment? Why might Jessica Jones need to find her charges by walking when she can get to Tony’s innovation to effortlessly find any runaway from behind a PC? Actually, why might the Defenders go under any circumstance without the Avengers to back them up? A crossover between these two groups will bring these inquiries, and some more, to the cutting edges of fans’ psyches, which implies Marvel might be in an ideal situation keeping them separated.

2. It’s not required


Marvel movies normal $330 million in the overall film industry. This is an amazing number that will just hardly increment with the expansion of the Defenders. What’s more, for this little monetary benefit, Marvel will need to manage the previously mentioned issues of accommodating the tones of the two establishments, acquainting the characters with fans new to the shows, and adding four new characters to movies effectively abounding with them. The movies and TV arrangement are encountering tremendous accomplishment all alone. A crossover basically isn’t vital.

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