4 Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice In Superhero Movies

Comic book characters and their cinematic appearances are bringing a new phase. As the world is getting to see the comic book tales on the big screens, comic book stories are getting a fresh transformation and more fascinating one. Characters like Superman, Cyborg, Batman, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange, have already built a huge fan base now. From their heart-throbbing action to weird storylines, superhero movies are jam-packed with full of easter eggs and spoilers. Here, we are counting down on four easter eggs in the famous movies.

1) Deadpool


Deadpool is one of the top performers of 2016 and the Ryan Reynolds shined the humorous persona of Merc With The Mouth. It is full of action, humor, and violence. Another interesting thing in the movies is Stan Lee’s cameo, who appears be DJing in one of the scenes in a Strip Club. And this is the best Lee’s cameo ever.

2) The Dark Knight


As Joker’s wickedness takes over the Gotham city, Batman thinks of to upgrade his suit’s mobility. When Lucius Fox takes Bruce Wayne to show him new armor, Bruce was pretty much concerned about the suit would catch up against the dogs. But Fox replies that it should do well against cats. Well, it seems like a joke against the Batman character Selina Kyle and the Cowman, which was played by the Anne Hathaway in the sequel Dark Knight rises. It seems like Christopher Nolan was thinking about it.

3) Iron Man 2

movies superhero easter eggs

During a conversation at the end of Iron Man 2, Tony Stark tells Nick Fury that he is not fit for the Avengers event. But there was something interesting going on in the back of the characters, where a screen shows different dots on the world map, and showing Africa. It also proves that a screen was showing Wakanda, the home of Black Panther. And then Black Panther made its cinematic appearance in Captain America: Civil War and it seems that Marvel had already planned his appearance.

4) Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 2

Doctor Strange has made its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the movie with the same name has already garnered a pretty impressive amount. Doctor Strange was mentioned in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 when J.J Jameson ask to suggest the name of the new villain in the town, which Doctor Octopus. And it is an obvious reference to the Sorcerer Supreme.

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