5 Reasons Why Karan Johar Is The Biggest Loser In Bollywood

This article is not supposed to slander the reputation of Mr. Karan Johar, instead, the purpose is to shed light on a larger issue which is plaguing Hindi cinema. In fact, Mr. Karan Johar epitomizes everything that is wrong with the Bollywood.   

He inherited the legacy of his legendary father Yash Johar who founded Dharma Productions in 1976. The first film Dostana produced by the studio was a huge box-office blockbuster which won the hearts of the people across the spectrum. He collaborated with Dev Anand’s banner Navketan Films and played an instrumental role in the production of classics like Jewel Thief, Prem Pujari, Hare Rama Hare Krishna etc. After he died, Karan Johar took the reins of Dharma Productions and commenced his journey as a filmmaker. Here’re five reasons why he has proven to be the biggest loser:

Lacks Personal Conviction



In the aftermath of Uri-attacks by terrorists which led to the death of 18 Indian soldiers, there was national outrage and a call to ban Pakistani actors from working in Bollywood. Karan Johar, at first, registered strong opposition to this demand but after few days when he realized that it may affect the revenues of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, he reversed his stance and apologized for his comments. This shows he is spineless and lacks the courage to stand by what he believes in.

More façade, Less Genuineness


He doesn’t come across a sincere film-maker who has core principles, values, and personal ethos. He has all the money and resources to produce passion projects, but all he brings to the table is a load of crap.

Failed to uphold his father’s legacy


He has demonstrated so many times that for him box-office success is always more important than critical acclaim. He has made formulaic movies with a particular template which have no deeper message or moralistic theme, while his father was highly creative who constantly pushed himself to reinvent his style of film-making.

Karan Johar is the Ekta Kapoor of Big Screen


He has done a real disservice to the Indian society. The major characters in his movies act in the most unbelievably stupid and immature manner that will piss off every sane person inside the cinema hall.

Questionable Code of Conduct

karan johar bollywood

He is supposed to display decency and simplicity, instead, he participates in shows like AIB Roast where he mocks Indian culture, values and uses cuss words that he should be ashamed of.

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