5 Best Villains Of All Time In Hollywood

Without villains, no movie is complete. They not only bring a small piece of suspense but also manage to have some thrill in every movie be it romantic, action or superhero a movie. What makes a good villain? Is it their evil or their humanity? Here are 5 best villains of all time.

1) Sauron from “The Lord of the Rings”


It’s hard to compete with an all seeing fiery eye in the sky, but there is also something special about the insidiousness of his power in a handshake or a single exchange for his soul, but slowly over decades and centuries enticing victims with a promise of more.

2) Lizzie from “City of God” (2002)


The City of God is a crime drama directed by Fernando Meirelles. The guys are badass and a loose canon, 12-year-old breaks into a hotel and murders everyone just for the hell of it. Lizzie is far more terrifying and flashbacks specifically because of his violent, ruthless and unpredictable.

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