4 Tactical Iron Man Suits You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

One thing that truly fascinates us the most apart from Tony Stark’s character as Iron Man is, his invincible armored suit. If we have to count the top craziest things Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever done in its history, bringing Tony Stark on big screens is one of them. The 2008’s Iron Man was not less than a box-office destroyer and seeing Stark in real life character was massive for comic book lovers. Stark currently dons the famous red-golden suit which no doubt looks badass. Here we are counting down his four suits that come in the same category.

 1) Iron Man Armor Model 27


Also dubbed as Anti-Radiation Armour, was made to change any kind if radiation into energy. The suit is not that effective because Tony Stark almost died due tot he radiation poisoning in himself. the suit initially appeared in the Ironman comics by Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2) Stealth Armour Model 7


This armor was designed to focus on furtiveness over weaponry use. Stark used this suit to infiltrate in Heaven’s Hand fortress, earlier known as East Germany. During the first Armor Wars, Stark use this suit to infiltrate Soviet airspace.

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