6 Monster Movies That Drove People Crazy

One of the biggest challenge while making such a list is the definition of a monster. Zombies might not fall into this category, probably they are not monsters per say. So, let’s take a look at the monsters who are terrifying yet loving. You would love to hate these monsters. The list is pretty long, but it takes a lot of efforts to cut it down to top 6. You might have a different list and different point of view. But you can’t resist watching these monsters. Take a look at these 6 must watch Monster Movies. If these were not on your list, then do watch their movies, you might wanna change your mind.

 1) Godzilla


Year: 1954

Director: Ishiro Honda

Godzilla is an awe-inspiring proposition. Implacable, heroic, and what not, this movie definitely tops the list of the monster movies.

2) Frankenstein



Director: James Whale

Boris Karloff’s Monster had a sutured skin and innocent child-like expressions. In fact, he has killed a kid too. This one is a standard for the adorable monsters.

3) The Thing


Year: 1982

Director: John Carpenter

This remake of Howard Hawk’s, ‘The Thing from another world’. This movie is probably one of the best to depict a different side of the monster and is definitely a must watch.

4) The Evil Dead


Year: 1981

Director: Sam Raimi

It is a comic tale of a slave and his blooded battle with the demons. The effects in the movie are ingenious, gross, and amazing.

5) King Kong


Year : 1933

Director: Merion C Cooper and Ernest B Schoedsack

This love-struck Ape zaps at his bullies. The man behind the special effects is O’Brien, who made King Kong as one of the few monsters who has an emotional as well as the narrative heart.

 6) Alien

6 monster movie

Year: 1979

Director: Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott has perfectly crafted a flawlessly modulated and eloquent space opera where the stunningly crafted characters help to entrench the nightmare of the situation better than any special effects could possibly do.

Misha Mehta

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