6 Bone-Chilling Horror Movies That Made People Walk Out Of Theatres

Incredibly drawn ideas in horror movies seem to be so realistic that even some brave-hearted moviegoers throw away the popcorn bucket in their hands and leave the theater. With the advent of highly advanced technology, we can’t figure out the digital effects and take it as real. The psychological pitching in horror movies is so strong that readers find hard to get over from the dark experience. Without any delay, we are counting down on six movies that scared the shit of audience.

1. Raw


The screening of the film was itself bone chilling for a couple of people. Moreover, the medical assistance was called as some of them passed out during it. The film shows how a vegetarian girl was turned into a meat-eater. And that was enough to make people sick and disregarded by most if the moviegoers.

2. The Witch


The movie gives a traditional experience with a creepy atmosphere. One of the breath-holding scenes that scared the shit out of people when a girl plays peek-a-boo with a baby, who suddenly disappears in the dark woods. Then in the next scene, a knife appears. That’s scary.

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