4 Superheroes That Should Have A Netflix Series

Netflix has revolutionized the way we see watch television today. Now one of the best one-stop destinations of entertainment, Netflix has brought a new era of entertainment which is not concerned about the commercial breaks and advertisements. In this age, Marvel Cinematic Universe is giving a roller coaster ride with several superhero movies scheduled every year. And it seems like there are several superheroes who definitely need a Netflix treatment. Check out the four superheroes who would benefit the most from Netflix treatment.

1) Black Cat


As Spider-Man joined his fellow Avengers and made a successful move in MCU, it seems like other characters beside Spider-Man should derisive a chance to be given a Netflix treatment. And we think that is Black Cat. Keeping a Netflix series in mind, Black should be considered for this online treatment because she can bring some crazy crossovers with other defenders.

2) Moon Night


Moon Night is an ultimate pack of acrobatics and gymnastics. He is known to be an avatar of the Egyptian god of vengeance and the moon. Being a ruthlessness character with unquestionable sanity, his punishments are brutal and his dark side would definitely bring interesting stories.

3) Nova


Being a part of intergalactic force Nova Corps, Nova pretty much shined in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Giving a proper Netflix treatment would bring the cosmic aspect of the MCU. We think the character serves a Netflix treatment.

4) Miles Morales

superheroes netflix

After Peter Parker tragically dies, newcomer Miles Morales was able to bring quite a traction. After his debut in 2011 in the comic book universe, the character turned out well more than just a publicity stunt. And he is one of the well-integrated characters that Marvel has rolled out in the comics. As we have seen Spider-Man with Captain America, Miles Morales definitely needs a Netflix treatment.

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