What does the future look like for VISION-Scarlet Witch Relationship?

The Marvel Cinematic universe will expand to 67 characters who are likely to appear in Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4. The final two movies of Phase 3 are two independent movies without any major inter-linkages. In the first part, Thanos will collect all the mind gems and may even assemble an Infinity gauntlet, cause a global catastrophic event and then in the next part Avengers will unite against an invincible adversary and fight hard to save the world.


In Captain America Civil War, we saw Vision playing neutral in the beginning until he started advocating for reasonable restraint on the unlimited, unchecked powers of groups like Avengers. He tried his best to bring both sides together, but Steve Rogers ruled out any possibility of reconciliation. On the other hand, Scarlet Witch joined Team Captain America and took control of Vision’s body. But they didn’t develop animosity, instead, they came closer to each other.


Vision is literally god with a vibranium-laced body and a synthetic soul. He was programmed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner using J.A.R.V.I.S codes, activated by the mind-gem hidden inside the Loki Scepter. He is not really an AI, he is more a Cybernetic creature who yearns to be more human. He would prefer to be more man than machine. He believes loyalty comes from love. He is made from the same source from where powers of Scarlett Witch is originated. “I think there is something unique in the fact that her powers come from the same things that power him. That’s how we have made them specifically in common. As opposed to comics which has created a pure romance”.

scarlet witch & vision

In comic-book universe, she has an intimate relationship with Vision and even had two kids. The mind-gem is the source which connects them in a way that Vision is new to this world, unaware of what suffering is and could provide emotional solace to her who has just lost her brother. But Thanos will come for Vision as he needs the mind gem to complete the Infinity gauntlet, he will rip it from his head and we may get a version of “No Mutants” storyline in Marvel universe. Scarlet Witch powers have grown and have the ability to change reality, loss of Vision may drive her over the edge and wreak terrible havoc. She went crazy in comics at the loss of her children in comics.

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