5 Movies that are Historically Accurate

There are some movies which got praised as great historical movies. With these movies, past comes alive on silver screen. While some of the movies are too much away from the real incident. Here, we are looking at the 5 movies which are very much accurate.

1) “Come and See” (1985)


Come and See is a war film directed by Elem Klimov with the help of an ex-partisan who fought against the Nazis along with numerous eyewitness accounts. It is about events that occurred during the Nazi German occupation of the Belorussian SSR. The production of this objective and realistic portrayal of the German occupation was almost as brutal as the subject itself.

2) “Flags of Our Fathers” (2006)


In 1945, Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photograph of US Marines raising the stars and stripes on the captured island of Iwo Jima brought fame to this subject. Clint Eastwood’s epic war film was based on a best-selling book written by the son of one of the men in the photo Jeans Bradley, who also provided narration, and interviews with veterans for the movie.

3) “Lincoln” (2012)

Historians and critics gave a warm reception to this painstaking recreation of President Lincoln’s fight to have the 13th amendment passed in the closing months of the American civil war.

4) “12 Years a Slave” (2013)


12 Years a Slave movie is based on the 1853 biography of freed slaves Solomon Northup, and a film was praised by historians and critics for its brutal representation of the reality of slavery. Steve McQueen directed this movie.

5) “The Pianist” (2002)

This book was closely based on an autobiographical book by pianist and holocaust survivor Władysław Szpilman. However, director Roman Polanski had additional to respect the history on which the movie is based as he himself survived the Holocaust in crack out. The story of a talented man to survive in the Warsaw Ghetto is heartbreaking.

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