Deleted Deadpool Scene Gives Links To Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the world of comic books, it’s not surprising to see two or more heroes teaming up to fight crime or have beef. Marvel and DC writers have produced countless versions of Superman, Batman, and other superheroes. But in the movie world, it’s highly unlikely to see a connection when certain comic hero franchises are owned by different movie studios. in point Deadpool whose big budget debut was produced by 20th Century Fox. Deadpool is considered as another part of the X-Men universe who also share the same studio. So seeing other X-Men in Deadpool is not surprising.


Now seeing Deadpool with Captain America-who is owned by Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite unreal. Any link between the two worlds should be never thought of for the movies-fan fiction excluded, but that’s what has happened.Someone over in, a CBM user called VISIONaryNPa combed through the deleted scenes of Deadpool and found a connecting link with Captain America:Civil War. What was that link you may wonder?


The correctional facility is known as The Raft. Deadpool’s deleted scene shows Ed Skrein’s Ajax  being brought back to shore by a boat after spending time in The Raft Prison. Cut to Civil War where a few of the Avengers are held prisoners in a high-tech underwater facility after that big airport confrontation. Though the name is never shown, comic book fans will know it as The Raft.

Since Deadpool was released before Civil War, it may be believed that someone over from MCU informed them of the mistake.And maybe that’s why Deadpool has taken so many jobs at MCU. Tim Miller in talking with Vanity Fair has denied it all of course:

“ It could have been anything but a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Because that would be outside the purview of the Fox/Marvel arrangement  …There’s also a character named Bob in the film, a reference to a character in the comics named Bob, Agent of Hydra. Since the MCU also has a monopoly on Hydra, his name is just Bob, but that’s still enough of an Easter egg for some fans, writer Paul Wernick explained. “The hardcore fans will go, ‘Oh my God, is that Hydra Bob?’ But the lawyers at Marvel won’t go, ‘Wait, that’s Hydra Bob, they don’t have the rights to it.”

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