5 Comicbook Characters Who Have Used Vibranium Besides Captain America

The iconic Captain America shield is a signature on its own. The shield made of indestructible Vibranium is the protector of Captain America. I bet you wouldn’t know, apart from Captain America, these characters have known to use the huge meteorite that arrived on earth. Here we have the best 5 characters that are popular for their use of this metal.

Black Panther


There is are way too many talks happening around Black Panther and the solo spin-off of King T’Challa, but did you know that Black Panther’s boots are made of Vibranium, apart from his claws that are made of Antarctic Vibranium. Apparently, the Vibranium in the boot allows you to endure huge falls since the metal is said to absorb the collision of the fall.



Another Avenger that’s known to hit the target to the T is Hawkeye. Yes, you guessed it right, some of Hawkeyes arrows are made of Vibranium and Adamantium. While Adamantium allows piercing through anything, Vibranium dissolves other metals. Pretty much makes Hawkeye a superhero.

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