Game of Thrones: How will White Walkers pass the WALL?

HBO confirmed a few days ago that Game of Thrones season 7 will only have seven episodes, following in the footsteps of AMC’s Breaking Bad and Mad Men who shortened their run. What will be its impact on the overall storyline? One line answer would be – the entire 8th season will be devoted to the “War for the Dawn”.

Dany’s plot in the East has moved forward, she has captured almost the entire Slaver’s Bay and now possess a horde of Dothraki warriors, the unsullied, three dragons and support from Martells and Tyrells. She has begun her campaign to conquer Westeros and sit on the Iron Throne. Hence, season 7 will be about setting up Team Dany and Team Jon Snow against the Night’s King. One can visualize the final scene of season 7 to be an army of white walkers invading the Westeros and the Wall has been razed to the ground.

We don’t know much about the powers of white walkers, their motives and the god they worship “The Great Other”. In the show till now, we have never seen White Walkers talking with each other, in the George R.R Martin’s Song of Ice & Fire Books they do have a language called “Skroth” which means cracking of ice. Night’s King has the power to raise the dead and add it to his army of white-walkers, as they come closer to the Wall he would have raised by the thousands and built a giant army.

But the question is how will they breach the wall? The theory is that as Bran has been marked by the Night’s King if he tries to cross the wall, white walkers will also be able to do that. Remember when he touched Bran’s arm, he was able to locate Three-eyed Raven’s cave. Uncle Benjen (half-white walker) told Bran that there is strong magic in the wall which prohibits him passing it through, hence it’s the only way unless the show-makers decides to go in the HORN OF WINTER territory.

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