Why it won’t be easy for Khaleesi to win Westeros inspite of Everything?

Much awaited season 6 finale ended showing the large fleet of Khaleesi moving towards Westeros with a large and formidable army. In simple logic and considering the instability in Kings Landing, one can easily predict that Daenerys Targaryen is just going to storm out her opponent from the capital.


But that is not going to be a piece of cake, as it looks. Here are the reasons:

1. Winter is not the ideal time to cross the narrow sea

Winter is really not the best time to have such a long journey over any sea. And the narrow sea is narrow, causing chilling winter breeze flow from north directly with high velocity. Scientifically speaking, it will be difficult to cross the narrow sea in winter.

2. They may encounter Euron Greyjoy on their way

Remember, Euron is coming with his large fleet of Iron born ships as well, and they are quite experts in water warfare. Also, it was not mentioned in the show, but as per the books, Euron supposedly has a magical horn named ‘Dragonbinder’ which can control the dragons. It will be great to see a naval battle next season.

3. Khalasar does not do well in sea

Dothraki hordes are always afraid of crossing the narrow sea and may not survive the whole journey. It will be interesting to see, how many of them could finally survive.

4. The Mad Queen may have the same strategy as the Mad King

Even if they finally cross the narrow sea, Cersei may have many more barrels of wildfire stored. When Robert’s Rebellion reached Kings Landing, the Mad King actually ordered to burn them all. He had wildfire stored everywhere in the city which was enough to destroy Kings Landing. Now Cersei knows about the wildfire and may apply the same unless Jaime stops her.

Dipan Dey

Dipan Dey is an independent short film maker.He is presently studying Master of Business Administration in Finance from Department of Financial Studies in University of Delhi. He is a foodie bong from Kolkata and interested in music, films, dance and sports.
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