Evolution of JOKER: From Cesar Romero to Jared Leto

Being absent from the movie theatres for the last 8 years now, everyone seems to be pretty excited with the arrival of Joker in Suicide Squad, but in a completely different Avatar from the traditional Joker we’ve grown up seeing. But none the less we really love the retro-look of the new Joker, evolved since the last 75 years, from being one nasty villain.

Cesar Romero, 1966

The live series brought us the first Batman on television, portraying a very colorful interpretation of a permissible clown. Being in the Golden Comic Age, he was seen as a prankster playing a variety of practical jokes and gimmicks, beautifully played by Romero, keeping up to Jokers personality with the air of lunacy as well. Giggling, laughing and bouncing around the whole room he kept the audience glued with his gimmicks.

Turning into Homicidal Maniac The Killing Joke saw Joker in a more humanized form in 1988. Not only the Jokers personality but his anatomical look was given an artistic approach by writer Alan Moore and artist Brian Bolland, making him realistic and believable. Giving an insane look to his grin with terrifying realism.

Jack Nicholson, 1989

Portraying a more threating look to Joker was Jack Nicholson where he went past the goofy antics with a major re-evaluation. 1989 Batman Joker saw an intense look to his character by adding a sinister streak to his smile, while also being taken seriously. The Jokers lips were no longer painted but were shown as a result of a freak accident. This time he did all practical jokes using gadgets which were harmful and more intended to kill.

Heath Ledger, 2008

Heath Ledger, the one character that has left his mark as a Joker and an Oscar-winning performance in the Dark Knight in 2008. Instead of being a villain, he was seen as a psychopathic character, embracing chaos for chaos without an ulterior motive. His actions were mainly opposing of the big city structures and of course of Batman, with society being one big joke for him. In short, he was a more dramatic and non-empathetic clown.

Jared Leto, 2016

Joker can carry many looks and many styles, this said we would be a complete different Joker in 2016 Suicide Squad, played by Jared Leto, by far being the best version till date. He looks more responsible, runs a series of clubs and is seen with a love interest. For a change, we won’t get to see the Joker mocking Batman… Hopefully!

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