Battle of the Bastards: Who will have the Last laugh?

The upcoming episode 9 of Game of Thrones season 6 is perhaps the most anticipated episode of all times, as it features the ultimate showdown between Ramsay Bolton on one side and Jon Snow on the other. It is directed by Miguel Sapochnik who was the man behind “Hardhome” in the last season. He told the EW “David and Dan wanted to do a thing of spectacle, a strategic Litchfield battle they hadn’t had the resources to do back in season 1 or 2. I was particularly interested in depicting both the horror of war and the role of luck in battle.”

The show-runners are saying “it’s the biggest battle ever.” DS Weiss added “Miguel’s really outdone himself. Fully fleshed out medieval battles require a tremendous amount of resources and choreography to get them right. It feels like we’re doing something fresh that you don’t see on TV and movies very often.” Kit Harington said “It’s pretty huge. It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever filmed for Thrones. And each year I say that ’cause each year Thrones has to get bigger.”

The biggest question is who will have the last laugh? Can Ramsay Bolton establish his complete dominance over the North after defeating Jon Snow’s forces? Will Jon Snow be able to crush a well-trained and disciplined Bolton army which has the support of two major Northern houses – The Umbers and Karstarks?

Jon Snow believes that wars have been won with much greater odds, he further says to Sansa that he has fought against worse than Ramsay Bolton, but she disagrees and tells him that he doesn’t know him. Clearly, Jon Snow’s forces are outnumbered and outmatched as they fail to convince other Northern Lords to join their cause, Tully forces are not coming and Wildlings aren’t enough to win the battle. So do they stand a chance to retake Winterfell? The answer is yes if the Little finger who commands the Knights of the Vale currently stationed at Moat Cailin joins the fight and help Starks against the Boltons. Well….I can’t wait to see Peter Baelish pulling off Gandalf on the 11th hour. CHEERS!!


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