Game of Thrones Season 6: Will Daenerys Stormborn take Euron Greyjoy Seriously?

In the latest episode titled “The Door”, we finally saw the Kingsmoot ceremony at Iron Islands, where all the noblemen gathered to choose their next leader who would sit on Seaston chair and control vast amount of Iron Borne resources in terms of men and fleet of ships. It is much like “The Great Council” ceremony in Westeros where great Lords can jointly decide who should be the next King of the realm. At first, only Yara Greyjoy (daughter of Balon Greyjoy) came forward to stake a claim, but her claim was rejected by the elders until Theon Greyjoy (the only son alive of Balon Greyjoy) supported his sister’s claim to power. But then came Uncle Euron Greyjoy (also known as Crow’s eye) who was supposedly lost in the sea.


He admitted to everyone that he is the one who killed Balon Greyjoy as he perceived him to be a spineless leader, and slammed Theon for being captured by Ramsay and even losing his manhood.  He was soon anointed as the Captain of Iron Islands who would sit on Seaston chair as Iron Borne worship Drown God he was literally drowned in the sea, but he managed to come out alive. Meanwhile, Yara and Theon ran away from Iron Islands taking away a huge fleet of battle-tested ships right in front of the so-called “The Storm”. He was astonished to realize his lack of foresight, and then he ordered all men and women at Iron Islands to build 1000 ships for him. Well, I guess it will take a whole season for him to even begin sailing off the shores of Iron Islands.

In his speech during the Kingsmoot, he laid out his master plan to become a formidable force in Westeros which includes two things – he would marry Queen of Dragons and give her ships to march to King’s Landing. And now he doesn’t even have ships, moreover, it doesn’t seem that show will do Dragon-horn plot where Euron found dragonbinder in his voyage to Old-Valyria, which could be used to control dragons and provide him leverage to force Dany to marry him. She just killed all the Khals, and amassed massive armies of Slaver’s Bay, possess 3 huge dragons, she can buy thousands of ships now or manufacture them. Why would she need Euron Greyjoy? Does she?




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