The Flash: 7 Doppelgangers at Earth-2

The Flash Season 2 is increasingly getting more intricate and complex in its plot. It has already touched upon themes such as parallel universes, alternate timelines as it has entered into “multi-verse” territory. In the previous episodes, we saw meta-humans from Eart-2 being sent by Zoom to Earth-1, when the plan failed Zoom threatened Prof. Wells to steal Flash’s speed or else he will kill his daughter Jesse, but Wells couldn’t continue and told Team Flash about it. They decided to close all breaches and travel to Earth-2 to rescue Jesse from Zoom’s cage, instead, they landed themselves in an even bigger fiasco.

Zoom has Killer Frost, Vibe and Deathstorm working for him at Earth-2, he ended up killing Ronnie Raymond/Deathstorm and Cisco/Vibe when they disobeyed him and took Flash with him to his lair.

Here are 7 Doppel-gangers in the episode titled “Welcome to Earth-2”:

Killer Frost

On Earth-2, Caitlin Snow is Killer frost who is serving Zoom. She is a cold killer, unlike her dopple-ganger at Earth-1 who is working at Star Labs.



He is the henchman of Zoom who already knew that his dopple-ganger Cisco Ramon from Earth-1 is coming. He is ambitious and doesn’t want to play second fiddle, in the end, Zoom brutally killed him.



Ronnie Raymond is Deathstorm, not a Firestorm. He died on Earth-1 saving the Central city from a singularity event which caused opening up of a portal between two parallel universes. In the comic-world, Ronnie Raymond was resurrected as Deathstorm in the Blackest Night event as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. At Earth-2, Killer Frost and Deathstorm have formed a deadly alliance carrying out orders of Zoom.


Joe West

He is a singer at Earth-2, while his dopple-ganger at Earth-1 is detective at CCPD.


Detective Iris West

She is a daughter of Joe West, but at Earth-2 she is the detective at CCPD and a wife of Barry Allen.


Barry Allen

He is a journalist turned forensic scientist at Earth-2, husband of Detective Iris West. His mother is alive on Earth-2.

Harrison Wells

He is the founder of Star Labs, responsible for particle accelerator explosion on Earth-2 as well.


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