5 Movies of Shah Rukh Khan that can be interestingly remade starring him in different roles


It is SRk’s 50th birthday and about twenty five years back he had potrayed the romantic hero who fought against all odds to win his love. Sometimes it is the father of the girl or sometimes her fiancée. Now he himself has reached the 50 Yr old landmark and a remake of his movies portraying him against the cult hero will be an interesting watch. Here is the list of the same

The movie that made him the star can never miss any of his lists. Raj the iconic lover portrayed by SRK is still a hit among today’s youth. His scenes with Amrish puri are fabulous. The character portrayed by Amrish Puri was against love marriage and more importantly hated Raj. Imagine in the modern remake of this movie, SRK playing the role played by Amrish Puri. It will be interesting to see how he carries the role.

An obedient employee, who never went against his boss, falls in love with his boss’s girlfriend. SRK did a fabulous job as the hero in the movie. Now let’s visualize it in a different way. Imagine SRK as the shrewd, angry boss. He will obviously do wonders in this role also, as there are hardly any roles which this enigmatic man cannot portray.

SRK as Arjun who is loyal to his uncle kishorilal goes to an extreme of even sacrificing his love for loyalty. Amrish Puri as Kishorilal is the tough westernize uncle of Arjun. The conflict between Kishorilal and Arjun in the later part of the movie was intense. SRK showed his acting skills while playing the character of Arjun perfectly. And we are very sure that he will do the same magic playing Kishorilal.

In this movie Amitabh Bachchan portrayed the role of a strict headmaster and father. SRK too can carry out the role of a strict headmaster déjà vu Chak De. And he surely can also with ease carry out a strict father image. It will be nice to see who stands up in front of the principal like Raj Aryan and challenge SRK.

  • Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham


This Karan Johar family drama showed conflict between father and son. He knows what the son wants from his beloved father. Now will he be able to be a good father and let his elder son marry a girl from low class family. Well that is a question which only time can tell if it is there to be told. But no matter whatever this man does we surely love to see him.



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