• BooksComic Book Superheroes That Are Zombies

    10 Comic Book Superheroes That Are Practically Zombies

    Comic Book Superheroes That Are Zombies: Superheroes are supposed to be the heroes of the land of the living. Yet some of them actually hail from the other side. There are people who gained superpowers from mutant spiders, a rogue genetic mutation or scientific experiments or even a freak cosmic accident. But there are heroes who gained their abilities only…

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  • BooksComic Book Villains That Are Zombies

    10 Comic Book Villains That Are Practically Zombies

    Comic Book Villains That Are Zombies: Halloween has gone by but the spirit of the spook hasn’t. The comic books are filled with supervillains. But for something to be truly horrifying, it must be resonating with some classic horror tropes. Sure the Joker terrifies us all but in the end, he is still a human being. He can be killed.…

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  • Zombies Are About to Take Over The Marvel Universe And One Guy Is To Blame

    The Superheroes of the Marvel Universe can defeat anything. Throw anything at them, be it a sentient planet or a trickster god commanding an entire alien armada or even a purple-skinned megalomaniac with the power of the Infinity Stones, the Avengers always find a way to get back on their feet. Always!! That is what’s so great about the Earth’s…

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  • NewsMarvel Superheroes Reimagined As Zombies

    27 Marvel Superheroes Reimagined As Zombies That Will Blow Your Mind

    We have seen superheroes fighting against the evils and saving the humanity, but what if these superheroes turn into something which is really disturbing like becoming the flesh eaters, zombies. let’s check out the images of your favorite Marvel superheroes reimagined as zombies that will blow your senses: Iron Man Spider-Man Wolverine Captain America Awesome! Woah! Can’t Even Imagine! Daredevil! The…

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