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    7 WTF Moments From The Latest WWE SmackDown Live

    One more week, another development to a scene of SmackDown Live with James Ellsworth at its center. I don’t think about you, yet I’m becoming weary of seeing James on my screen every week. The joke was fun while it was hot, however, it’s continued for a really long time now. Ellsworth needs to leave WWE’s modifying so some person…

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  • Newsthe future of John Cena on WWE

    What is the Future of John Cena on WWE

    It is not hidden that how much the WWE brand relies on John Cena. He is the face which runs the company, whether it may be carrying the brand on his shoulders, moving forward with championships or doing any promotional stuff for the WWE. Well, now the future of John Cena on WWE might be in a grey area as…

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