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    Tyler Hoechlin says Flying as Superman was Painful

    Adding up to the delight of the fan base, Superman was confirmed to join the CBS turned CW show Supergirl in June this year and the Teen Wolf Fame Tyler Hoechlin was cast for donning the cape of hope. With this announcement, the show makers have already succeeded in creating hype and first look of the character has been officially…

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    Teen Wolf Star Tyler Hoechlin cast as Superman in Supergirl season 2

    In Supergirl season 1, there was a particular Crossover episode which saw a massive uptick in ratings titled “The World’s Finest” where the Flash travelled to National city through multi-verse. Moral of the story – Supergirl alone can’t pull a large audience, instead she needs to be paired with a compatible superhero in DC universe. Recently, there was a huge…

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