• FitnessPhoto of 3 Ways To Turn Your Calves Into Cows

    3 Ways To Turn Your Calves Into Cows

    Hey fitness freaks, when is the last time you gave serious consideration to your calf muscles? They are constantly used when we walk, run, or even stand. They provide stability and aid in our balance, yet sometimes we don’t train them like we should. The quads and hammies seem to be the focus of much of our leg work. I…

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  • FitnessPhoto of 6 Benefits of HIIT

    6 Benefits of HIIT

    HIIT, or (high intensity, interval training) has become a popular form of training within the last few years. It is arguably one of the best methods of burning fat/losing weight out there at this time. Basically, you do repeated bursts of high intensity effort, followed by different periods of rest/recovery. The intense work periods may range from 5 seconds to…

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