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  • TelevisionInteresting Facts About Iconic Movie Locations

    12 Interesting Facts About Iconic Movie And TV Series Locations

    What would you do if we tell you that the magical places in your fantasy movies and shows existed in real life? These are real places unlike the green screens in most of the deceiving movies. Not only are we going to share some of the places where famous moments were shot, but also reveal some fascinating stories behind them.…

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  • Celebskisses In TV Series That Actors Hated

    10 Kisses In TV Series That Actors Hated Filming

    You will be surprised to know that your most favorite TV show couples didn’t like their scripted kissing experience. No matter how romantic and ideal their chemistry was on screen, it was the exact opposite in real life. Well, the behind-the-scenes reality is always different from what we see on the screens. We know that the couples weren’t in LOVE…

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