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    6 Significant Life Lessons from The Mindy project

    The Mindy Project is comical, romantic, passionate and sarcastic and has taught us 6 significant life lessons. Every character in The Mindy Project is beautiful and unique in its own way. Knowingly, unknowingly, they have taught us some of the important lessons. Well, it’s not that we were not aware of these lessons, but we might have forgotten these lessons…

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    5 facts about The Mindy Project

    Mindy in “The Mindy Project” is a skilled OB/GYN and her first day on the job was not easy. She was appointed by mistake, but eventually, everyone accepted her happily. Having said that, she faces criticism, too and in most of the cases she stood out with flying colors. She struggles through her career, love life, relationships and almost everything.…

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