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    Crazy Stunts Performed by Keanu Reeves in John Wick

    Stunts by Keanu Reeves in John Wick: John Wick franchise has earned popularity across the seas for its engaging plot and impressive action sequence. It also catapulted Keanu Reeves’s career as an action star. Unlike most actors who use stunt doubles, Keanu prefers doing his stunts which are quite dangerous in John Wick. the actor has admitted on pulling over…

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    5 Most Expensive Movie Stunts Ever Filmed

    With the advances in CGI innovation, pretty much anything a director’s tormented creativity can devise can be put on the screen. Notwithstanding, there’s no measure of trickery that can supplant the scene of observing some frantic as-damnation trick entertainer taking a chance with his or her life for our shameful amusement. BEN-HUR (Scene: CHARIOT RACE) Ben-Hur was set aside a…

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    7 Daredevil Actors Who Perform Their Own Stunts

    Well, watching your favorite actors riding down the highways and frisking through narrow alleys just seem so fascinating. Just like we know that these heart throbbing stunts are performed under high professional supervision, not all the stunts you see on screen are performed by their doubles. Well, some actors are daredevils too and don’t fear to attempt their own stunts.…

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