• TelevisionWandaVision Confirms Wanda’s Children

    WandaVision Casting Breakdown Confirms Wanda’s Children Wiccan & Speed

    WandaVision Confirms Wanda’s Children: After The Falcon And The Winter Soldier hooks us up with Disney+, WandaVision will take us through a unique ride that will land us into the complexities of pocket dimensions and alternate realities. We will finally find out why Wanda is called the Scarlet Witch. WandaVision will bring in the weirdness and creepiness of Scarlet Witch,…

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  • NewsFlash Vs Superman

    The Flash Vs Superman Race: Who Will You Bet On?

    Flash Vs Superman: Who is faster? Is it the Flash or Superman?!?! That is a question that has puzzled the comic book fans since decades. While on first sight The Flash looks infinitely faster, that is not indeed as simple as it looks. There have been several races between the two; the Flash has won most of them. One race…

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