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    30 Unbelievable She-Venom Cosplays That Will Blow Your Mind

    Marvel comic character She-Venom originally known as Anne Weying is a mind-blowing character. In the comics, she also bonded with Eddie’s symbiote and here we bring you some of the awesome She-Venom cosplays that will blow you away: Awesome! Wonderful! Amazing! Wow! Deadly! Wonderful! Great! Killer! Perfect Selfie! Beautiful! True fandom! Impressive! Super Cool! Phenomenal! Pretty Awesome! Extreme! Tremendous! Imposing! Fabulous!…

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    Sony’s Venom Movie Will Come With An Insane Twist – A Female Venom!!!

     After selling the rights to their flagship superhero Spiderman to Sony, Marvel was all but done for. That act of desperation almost destroyed the Marvel Imprint and everyone thought that the planned Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be a big fat failure without the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. The MCU was spared the ‘box office bomb’ tag. Thanks to characters…

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