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    10 Best Sci-fi Movies That Messed Up Their Science

    Sci-fi Movies That Messed Up: Logic plays no role in making movies as long as it earns you cash. Hollywood has a history of fooling the audience by overshadowing logic with heavy special effects. But goofing up with science in the so-called sci-fi is getting tougher year after year as almost everyone has access to information on the internet. Today,…

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    Top 10 Most Visionary Science-Fiction Directors of All Time

    Science Fiction is one of the most loved genres of all time and it is all thanks to these visionary directors. Without their hard work and creativity, we would not have seen such amazing movies. We salute their work and we hope that the upcoming sci-fi movies maintain the same level of quality as these movies. Here’s the top visionary…

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    20 Amazing Sci-Fi Things That Have Become A Reality

    Time has passed, so many things have been changes. We are ahead in power and technologies. Whatever Science-Fiction things we used to watch in movies and shows are now developed in for real which is really amazing. Here’re some of the sci-fi things which are in use for real: 1. Minority Report Heads-Up Displays – Air Touch Technology 2. “Visit to the…

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    4 Science Fiction Movie Predictions that Actually Came True

    Science Fiction movies have come to prove to the world, that fiction can actually create science. When at the time of their release these movies seemed to evoke a lot of nonsense and mystery, nowadays there are looked upon as big future predictions. Here are some of the inventions that were inspired by such great movies: 1) Space Travel Before…

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