• FootballPhoto of Ronaldo. A Legend Or a Liability? 

    Ronaldo. A Legend Or a Liability? 

      I know it sounds ridiculous to call one of the two best players of his generation a ‘liability’ but just give it a thought for a moment. Is Cristiano Ronaldo worth the baggage he carries? Yes his ability cannot be questioned (though he’s been pretty shite with free kicks recently) and he is going win you more matches than…

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  • FootballPhoto of Records Come Tumbling Down 

    Records Come Tumbling Down 

    C. Ronaldo is now the highest goal scorer for Real in the history of La Liga, having surpassed Raul. Raul probably is one of the greatest strikers in the game and Ronaldo went passed him without breaking a sweat! It took Raul 550 games over 16years to accumulate 228 goals. Ronaldo scored more in half the number of games.  Simply…

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