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    11 Twisted Ramsay Bolton Memes That Will Make You Like Him

    Since, the Game of Thrones TV series began on HBO, for the first two seasons Ramsay Bolton a.k.a. Joffrey Baratheon clearly was the evilest character in the series, but from third season onwards, Ramsay started giving tough competition to Joffrey and even surpassed the evil standards set by him. He is violent, sadistic and totally diabolical in nature. Here’re memes…

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    Which Controversial Game of Thrones Villain Has Just Become A Marvel Villain?

    Marvel has been known to have some forgettable villains in the past. But that has not trickled onto its television division which has showcased some complicated villains whom fans have both loathed and secretly rooted for. Netflix’s Daredevil, for instance, has the hard-edged Kingpin and Jessica Jones had the psychotic Kilgrave. Television is where the layers of a villain are…

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    5 Epic Quotes of Ramsay Bolton That Proves He is Pure Evil

    Ramsay Snow is the Bastard of the Dreadfort. He is the legitimized bastard son of Lord Roose Bolton, who connived with Tywin Lannister to defeat Robb Stark’s forces by orchestrating “Red Wedding”, killing the top rung of the North. Ramsay Bolton is now the Lord of Winterfell, anointed as the new “Warden of the North” under the rule of Boltons.…

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