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    7 Beautiful Guitars and Musicians that Take us Back in the History of Music

    Music is one solace every soul loves. The genres might differ but music is a heart-throb for every individual alive. Having said that, we know that it flows out of beautiful instruments, one of which, is our loved – guitar. As everything else, guitars too have a history. Here are a few musicians and their amazing guitars from the past.…

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    5 Enchanting and Mysterious Musical Instruments

    “Music is a moral legend. It gives spirit to the universe, wings to thought, charm to youth and life and happiness to all things. It is the essence of order, lifting up the spirit to all that is good, right and beautiful.” – Plato. Some wise words from a wise philosopher. It is clear that there’s more to music than…

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    5 of the Earliest Musical Instruments ever Discovered

    It’s hard to trace music on its historical origins. With no physical evidence, you don’t have proof that something existed and if it did, in what form. However, we have instruments as our starting point and historians as our guides on the path of discovering how our ancestors from a far too distant past understood music. Most of the case…

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