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  • MoviesActors Turned Down Weird Script Requests

    12 Times Actors Turned Down Weird Script Requests

    Most of the time, actors agree to do any crazy stuff that the directors ask them to do on the set. They rarely have a say as one no can turn out to be pretty costly in their career. However, some actors know where to draw the line and put the foot down. They have firmly refused to perform pretty…

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  • Celebscelebrities

    3 Breath-Taking Celebrities Who Have Ruined Their Own Careers

    Everyone wishes to be a celebrity. I mean, who doesn’t like the attention that the celebrities get? This spotlight is something for which everyone is trying their hardest. Just think about it, even in our day to day life, we wish for recognition, and appreciation. Everyone is after this spotlight. Obviously, once you are a celebrity, you can buy almost…

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