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    Best Lesbian Youtube Couples Of All Time

    YouTube is a mystical land which shows magical beings around the globe. It has videos of people from every set of life. You can go to see a music video but before you know it you’re watching a puppy talking like a human. Do you have any regrets? No. This post is about the lesbians of YouTube, the rebels who…

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  • SocietyGay Marriage legalised in india

    5 Reasons Why Gay Marriages Should Be Legalized In India

    I personally believe that marriage is a sacred union between man and woman, a form of showcasing their love to their partners and the world. I also believe that our country was founded on the principle that everybody has the right to the pursuit of happiness. And if a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman makes…

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  • NewsNew Market Opportunities from Legalised Homosexual Marriages

    5 New Market Opportunities from Legalised Homosexual Marriages

    Orotund Justice Anthony Kennedy’s verdict brought in an impromptu celebrations nationwide as he encrypted a new version of marriage license. A nimbus of legend surrounded as the roars of “Love has Won“ pitched outside the Supreme court. After decades, the conventional marriage ceremonies dechained and brought smiles to many faces as they are signalled to move on, while many others…

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