Keira Knightley

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    7 Weirdest Things Actors Had To Do To Land Movie Roles

    Casting is probably the most secretive process in the filmmaking industry. It is the most competitive process actors have to go through. Every actor for any film has to go through a strenuous process of reading their lines in front of many producers, which can be an extremely daunting task even for the most seasoned performers. Auditioning and reading lines…

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  • 27 Super Hot Images Of Keira Knightley That Will Make You Fall For Her

    Keira Knightley is a talented British actress working in Hollywood. She has grown as an actor which is reflected in her roles. From Bend It like Beckham to Pride and Prejudice to Pirates of the Caribbean movies, she has been truly spectacular. Here’re some of her gorgeous images.

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  • 8 Hottest Keira Knightley Movies That Will Not Let You Sleep

    Keira Knightley does not need an introduction. She was one of the most successful actresses of Hollywood during the period of 2001-10. She landed huge roles including the Pirates of the Carribean Series. Begin Again It is a 2013 American musical comedy-drama film. Knightley plays a singer-songwriter in the movie and stuns every viewer with her acting. Even though the director criticized her performance at…

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