Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • MoviesNice Guy actors starred as villains

    10 Times ‘Nice Guy’ Actors Starred As Villains In Movies

    One of the best parts of thriller movies is the surprising element. Directors use various tricks to add plot twists and surprise the audience. One of the cleverest tricks is casting against type.  It is always exciting when actors we are used to seeing as heroes play a sinister character. This new experience feels odd to process since our minds…

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  • MoviesAmerican Movies Changed In Other Countries

    14 American Movies That Had To Be Changed In Other Countries

    Nowadays, American filmmakers and producers have to keep the sentiments of other countries in consideration while making a movie. Even if the story is based in the U.S. and highlights the nation’s culture, they are often tweaked while releasing beyond borders. This can happen with a dialogue, movie title, or a scene that’s unacceptable or profane for the target country.…

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