• MoviesAvengers: Endgame Writers

    Avengers: Endgame Theory – “Death” Will Appear as The “Greater Threat”

    Avengers: Endgame Theory –  Avengers: Infinity War brought the biggest villain of the MCU forward. Thanos proved why he is the real big bad and why the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe should fear him. He came in, brought balance to the universe as half the population ceased to exist. The big takeaway from all this was that he actually beat…

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  • SocietyWorst Epidemics the World Has Ever Encountered

    5 Of The World’s Worst Epidemics In History

    Certain moments in history actually make us think about the world we live in today and feel great about it. Why? Because back in the days, epidemics broke through, some of them from nowhere and all of a sudden half of your country’s population was wiped out from existence. Centuries ago, medicine was brought to it’s knees by fearsome epidemics…

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