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    X-Men – James Marsden Could Return as Cyclops in MCU

    We know that Marvel is going to do something with the X-Men. Obviously Disney hasn’t spent Billions of Dollars on Fox’s Assets to just sit on them. Marvel will soon be bringing the mutants in play. It won’t be just Deadpool that introduces us to the mutants as a new scoop has suggested that Rogue will be in Captain Marvel…

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    X-Men: Dark Phoenix Points Cyclops To Finally Fulfill His Destiny 

    The X-Men fans are excited as the franchise is adapting one of the most iconic X-Men storylines ever conceived by Marvel comics, the Dark Phoenix. The movie will be directed by Simon Kinberg. He will make his debut in the X-Men universe working on his own script adapted from Dark Phoenix comics by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. The movie…

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