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    Top 3 Dumbest Movie Controversies Of All Time

    There are controversies and then there are dumb controversies. As for the individual sensibilities of moviegoers, there are some feature producers that simply abandon you scratching your head when you first catch wind of them. They’re started by a wide range of various things, obviously. Some are the consequences of social contrasts, while others are results of an alternate period…

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    6 TV Shows that got Cancelled Because of Controversy

    There are shows which are just so hit and then there are shows which get lost and are not recognized by anyone. But just to let you know, there are shows which got canceled because of so many reasons. Take a look at the 6 TV shows which got canceled because of controversy. 1. “Politically Incorrect” ABC pulled the switch…

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    3 Celebrities Who Have Passed The Most Controversial Comments

    If you analyze, then you would realize that most controversial comments are made by the celebrities. We have heard lots of celebrities saying a lot of things in the media and hence we truly and deeply believe that some celebs should be literally banned from the social media. Take a look at these 3 controversial comments that celebrities made for…

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