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    8 Splendid Barney Stinson’s Quotes

    How I met your mother was a great sitcom which talked about friendship, love, and relationship. This sitcom which aired from 2005-2014 was a huge success and gained a huge fan following. Every character was unique in its own sense. But having said that no one could beat Neil Patrick Harris AKA Barney, witty, sarcastic, charming and a playboy.  …

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    10 Awesome Barney Stinson Quotes

    Barney Stinson will always remain the original Bro in our minds. The character of Barney is so endearing and long-lasting because he was so dimensional and imperfect: he was a playboy of the worst sort, emotionally defunct, a compulsive liar. But he was also the coolest and most legendary person out there, a friend who’d do anything for his people,…

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