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  • Thor Gives Avengers Their Newest Ride

    Thor Gives The Avengers Their Newest Ride And it is Way Cooler Than The Quin-Jet

    Thor Gives Avengers Their Newest Ride: Throughout time immemorial, the superheroes have always had a cool method of transportation. Batman has the Bat-Mobile. Wonder Woman has the Invisible Plane. The Fantastic Four and even the X-Men have their own signature ways of moving around. The Avengers’ method of doing that was via the Quin-Jet, a SHIELD jet-powered vehicle that can…

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  • Avengers E3 Marvel

    Marvel’s Avengers Trailer & Release Date Revealed at E3

    With the Avengers making it big in the movies and at the Box Office, & Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 making a huge impact upon gaming, Marvel is finally giving us the game we’ve always wanted. It’s time that the consoles evolved from Marvel vs. Capcom. WB has been using DC really well for their games as the world loves the Batman…

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