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New Black Adam Trailer Reveals DC’s New Badass Anti-Hero

The DCEU has finally started to catch up with the MCU with their latest movie releases. You see, DC understands very well that they cannot play the long game against Marvel Studios. A big reason for this is that the long game is Marvel’s wheelhouse. Feige is very good at creating content that seems visionary. It doesn’t matter if it was planned like that or not. Up until now, DC has been playing catch up with their rivals. But the new Black Adam trailer seems to have swayed the winds in favor of WB and DC. I mean, we were all expecting an absolutely fabulous-looking movie, but what no one expected to see was the true scope of this movie. I digress, take a look at the trailer first, then I will attempt to explain it to you.

New Black Adam Trailer

The trailer starts with the appearance of a dead Black Adam and the narration of Dr. Fate. We see someone revive and re-animate the corpse that was supposed to be Black Adam. Here, the God comes back to life. The Rock’s character is not happy with his present circumstances and chooses to go on a rampage rather than listening to Fate’s reasoning. As the man says, he kneels against no one. This is a nod to the character’s comic origins for the uninitiated. You see, Black Adam was a slave in Kahndaq until he was executed.


New Black Adam trailer

He was then released by his family and reborn as a God with powers akin to the wizard Shazam. We know that Shazam exists in the DCEU. We saw the aging wizard grant his powers to a young kid with a pure heart. This aging wizard was also the one who was responsible for sealing Black Adam when he realized his godhood. But the most amazing thing about all of this is that Black Adam has now been woken into a world where  Shazam is no longer active.


The wizard’s absence from the trailer seems to indicate that this is a different universe than the one Shazam was introduced in. With DC’s new Flashpoint event in The Flash, it is possible that we will get an explanation of all the different universes that have come into play in the new WB Discovery DCEU. Only time will tell whether introducing all these separate universes will work in favor of DC or not. However, the trailer does show the advantage of this approach in the form of a flurry of new superheroes.


The New Order

This new Black Adam trailer features Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and even Captain Atom. We did expect some superheroes to be present but this is absolutely insane. We have so many theories now that these characters have been confirmed to appear in the movie. The most important cameo has to be Dr. Fate’s. His appearance all but confirms our alternate universe theory. But what is truly interesting is the narration he gives in the latter half of the trailer. Dr. Fate tells Adam that he has seen his future.


He also tells Adam that he has the choice to either destroy the world or save it. It seems that the new Black Adam trailer is trying to showcase DC’s new resident badass. The Rock certainly plays the role with a lot of flairs. But the thing is that we know that he will end up saving the day. For if he does not then there is no point to the movie. There is a very small chance that DC might end up making him the villain at the end of the movie by having him kill everyone. But we don’t think they are crazy enough to pull that off.


Moreover, it is well-known that Zaslav is trying to create a stable universe that is capable of turning of profit. He would not want to risk it all on such an experimental story. Still, October 21 could not come fast enough. We want to see what the final version of the story looks like.


What are your views after watching the new Black Adam trailer? Let us know what you think about the story down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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