How Scarlet Witch Can Defeat Evil Doctor Strange In DS2?!

Doctor Strange is right around the Multiverse of Madness, and we are all set to see the former Sorcerer Supreme go against the Queen of Chaos. Now you might think the battle can only go one way. But after her recent outing in WandaVision, we are not so sure. And here’s why we think that Strange might meet his competition in the upcoming movie. Scarlet Witch can defeat evil Doctor Strange for sure!


With a slight glimpse of the multiverse in Loki and the effects of its splitting open in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange 2 will give us a deeper insight into the multiverse. The multiverse will bring with it the threat of some of the strongest creatures from alternate universes. Some of whose likes are the infamous Shuma Gorath and the minotaur-like Rintrah. And it is upon Doctor Strange to protect the Earth from them. From the looks of the teaser, we know that Strange Supreme from What If…? episode 4 will be coming in as well. We already know from the animated series that Doctor Strange can not beat him single-handedly. And who else to help him than our Scarlet Witch, donning her brand-new Scarlett Witch costume.


Scarlet Witch Can Defeat Evil Doctor Strange

Now the question arises- Can Scarlett Witch beat the Dark Collector of Tragic Souls? And the answer is YES! But how exactly? The answer lies within her last outing in Disney+’s WandaVision. The series saw her coping up with Vision’s death in the post-blip world in her own way. She creates a realistic illusion covering the entire town of Westview, wherein she fulfills her desire, a family just like in a sitcom. However, as she fills her heart with the love of her virtual family, the real threat thrives in the form of her next-door neighbor, Agnes, aka Agatha Harkness. Then we see Agatha trying to torture Wanda in giving her chaos magic over to her. However, she taps into the powers of the Scarlet Witch and defeats her using the same spell that rendered her without magic.



In her infamous battle with the witch, Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), Wanda won by pulling a smart one. She used the exact copy of magic on Agatha that she used to block her powers, earlier in the series. In the episode, Agatha trapped Wanda in the basement dungeon by blocking away her magic with the help of rune magic. Much like Tony Stark, Wanda learned from her mistakes and used the same spell in the climax of the series finale to bring down Agatha. Agatha, being a self-obsessed, power-greedy, and overconfident witch, didn’t think that Wanda could cast the spell without the actual spell, and suffered loss at the hands of a newbie witch.


Speaking of a self-obsessed, power-greedy, and overconfident witch (or a sorcerer), Strange Supreme’s story might end the same way. Now a variant like him is going to appear in the next MCU movie, he is bringing his dark intentions with him. Also, as we now know that MCU’s Stephen Strange doesn’t stand a chance against him, it will all be upon Wanda to bring him down. And it is quite interesting to think that Wanda will defeat him the same way she defeated Agatha. Both these villains are much stronger than Wanda or Strange but runes can give them quite an upper hand.


Scarlet Witch Can Defeat Evil Doctor Strange

Now you may ask that Doctor Strange, being a former Sorcerer Supreme, would know about the runes and their effects. But we beg to differ. 2016’s Doctor Strange proved that Kamar-Taj misses a very important book, the Darkhold. And Darkhold’s manuscripts might be the ones that taught Agatha and Wanda about the runes. This is a very important detail that many seem to miss. But don’t worry, we got you!


The battle between Strange Supreme and Wanda Maximoff will very much be the one to remember. Now we know that Wanda is the stronger opponent of magic, with her being the one and only Scarlet Witch. However, we can not underestimate the possibility of Strange Supreme getting the upper hand. While he was training to be a sorcerer in Kamar-Taj, the masters also taught him hand-to-hand combat. Maybe they knew that one day Strange might have to face someone who could spell runes. Wanda, who was never trained in close combat, might get injured, too.


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