Did You Catch Marvel’s Genius Ant-Man Reference in Hawkeye Episode 3?

Hawkeye has dropped another episode and this time we got some pace in the narrative compared to the first two episodes. There’s a lot to explore in this episode as we get to deal with the narrative and also explore some new characters. Like all the other episodes this was also setting up the world of the narrative that will take place while at the same time featuring some rather exciting moments for MCU fans. This time around we got to explore the car chase scene that had everyone excited ever since the trailers for the movie had dropped. Fans would have noticed an interesting Ant-Man reference in Hawkeye Episode 3 where a Pym Particle arrow is used.

Ant-Man Reference in Hawkeye

The very first episode of the series had a nod to Ant-Man during the Rogers: The Musical scene and fans had started wondering why the character was shown to be present during the 2012 New York Battle arch. Rhys Thomas, director of the series, explained that this was basically done due to a very funny reason:

Once your brain starts running to, ‘OK, we’re going to make this musical. How good is this musical?’ Ultimately, again, the original conception of this, for me, was I sort of just had this image of Jeremy’s world-weary face sitting in a Broadway theater watching it. That was ultimately it. So then it just became about building off that. Who would he NOT want to see playing him? What character would… you know, putting Ant-Man in there. That feels funny. It was just all about, again, anything that annoys Clint, that felt right.


That would explain the irritation that his presence caused to Clint Barton who points out that the character was not present during that battle. But this is not the last time that the character was referenced in the series as the second episode also felt his presence. As Clint and Kate are walking through the streets Kate, they go by a couple of cosplayers and an Ant-Man cosplayed could also be seen there. This was probably a blink and you will miss appearance but the third episode took things to a whole new level.


Pym Particle Arrow

Ant-Man Reference in Hawkeye

In one of the most exciting moments from the episode, we get to see Clint and Kate being chased by the Tracksuit Mafia led by Maya Lopez. Clint had lost most of his normal arrows during the escape from the warehouse and this caused them to use the trick arrows. Kate gets excited with each arrow and each one reveals a whole new power. The most exciting bit was the part where we got to see Clin use the most awesome arrow of the entire set. He pulls out an arrow with the Pym written on it and it hits another that Kate shoots in the air and it falls down in a parabolic path. We see one of the most awesome scenes from the entire series and at the same time, we get a nicely done reference to Ant-Man.


Pym Particles have been weaponized in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before too, as we saw Ant-Man do that to help out Captain America in Captain America: Civil War. Ant-Man uses one of the Pym Particle Disks to a miniaturized truck and he uses it to help Captain America to fight with Iron Patriot. This was seen being used quite heavily in Ant-Man and the Wasp too as Hank Pym has a lot of miniaturized items with him.


Ant-Man Reference in Hawkeye

While it is fairly obvious that we won’t get to see Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man in Hawkeye, it is great to see that the Pym Particle weapons are mentioned here. We haven’t gotten a proper explanation on how it came to be with Clint Barton but taking into consideration what we know about Hawkeye, it is not surprising. This nod was completely original and we can’t wait to see what other types of arrows Clint might use to fight against these enemies. Let’s hope we get to see the Boomerang arrow soon.

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