Shang-Chi Post Credits Scenes Explained. How They Set Up The Future

Marvel is out with another one of its projects this week with Shang-Chi And The Legend Of Ten Rings. This is another one of the solo venture movies on the list of new characters being introduced in the movie. Shang-Chi will also be one of the first original Asian hero-based movies in Marvel. The initial reviews for the movie are saying it to be one of the best Marvel movies since some of the other such solo ventures. There’s a lot to explore in this movie from top to bottom. Let’s dive into the explanation for the Shang-Chi Post Credits Scenes and see how they set up the future.

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings stars Simu Liu in the titular role of Shang-Chi himself. Tony Leung plays his father Wenwu who is the real Mandarin. His sister Xialing is portrayed by Meng’ er Zhang. Awkafina also appears as a friend of Shang-Chi and later becomes an essential character in the story. The movie also has some returning characters from previous Marvel Cinematic Universe movies along with various interesting cameos.


The Plot

According to the movie, Wenwu brings back Shang-Chi and his sister Xialing back in order to get help. He wants them to find the hidden kingdom of Ta-Lo where he believes his deceased wife’s soul is sealed in a cave. This entire thing is told to him with the guidance of what he assumes to be his wife. Later he finds out things to be otherwise and it’s too late for that realization.


Shang-Chi Post Credits Scenes

Wenwu was actually being manipulated by an otherworldly beast know as the Soul Sucker. This beast was previously protected from entering their realm by a dragon who is known as the Great Protector. Wenwu ends up opening the seal and lets this monster into their realm. Shang Chi takes the Ten Rings and proceeds to use it to fight the monster. He is supported by the Great Protector, the warriors of Ta-Lo, and Katy’s archery skills. They end up slaying the monster.


Mid-Credit Scene

The entirety of the previous events is narrated by Katy’s and Shang-Chi’s to their friends. They appear to be skeptical towards the entire story. Suddenly a portal opens behind them and Wong appears from it. Wong takes Katy and Shang-Chi to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Here we see Wong analyzing the ten rings using his powers while two other Avengers are present by the side.


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Dr. Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel are present amongst them in that hologram communication system that we previously saw in Avengers: Endgame. Bruce looks visibly old and he doesn’t appear to be in the Smart Hulk form. Another essential detail was that his hand seems to appear to be still injured since the last time we saw him in Endgame. He and Captain Marvel confirm that the Ten Rings are nothing they have seen before. They are neither some sort of Chitauri origin nor do they appear to be made of Vibranium.


Shang-Chi Post Credits Scenes

But upon further examination, Wong finds that the Rings are trying to summon something. This is not explained but this could hint at the origins of the weapon. After this, Captain Marvel leaves due to some urgency (probably something that will be addressed in the upcoming Ms. Marvel, or maybe in The Marvels). It was also a nice little joke and callback to how Captain Marvel is always away and preoccupied with something we do not know about. Banner jokes about how he doesn’t have her number and then sort of welcomes Shang Chi to the Avengers. Technically, he says, “Welcome to the circus”.


After this Shang Chi, Katy and Wong celebrate by doing karaoke to the song Hotel California. This ending was also foreshadowed by Katy earlier in the movie. This leaves us with a lot of questions regarding the movie. One of the weirdest ones being Wong’s relationship with the Abomination, which was never explained. Abomination appears to be Wong’s sparring partner but we were not told how that happened.


End-Credit Scene

The end credit scene takes us back to the base of the Ten Rings where we see Xialing leading the empire. She was given the task of dismantling the Ten Rings but she has got other plans of her own. She seems to be expanding the Ten Rings as we see a lot of new female warriors joining the pack. Next to her, we see Razor Fist and Jon Jo, who was last seen managing her fighting arena in Macau. The scene ends with the line, “Ten Rings Will Return,” setting up the eventual Shang-Chi sequel.


Or, this could even be a hint to some future project based on this that could be entirely about the Ten Rings. That could further give us a deeper insight into what the connection of this rendition of Ten Rings could be to the one that we were shown Iron Man 3. What if it is continued in a Disney Plus series with each episode featuring some awesome one on ones? That’d be nice don’t you think?


Doctor Strange 2 is Casting New Sorceress
Doctor Strange 2 is Casting New Sorceress

There is a lot yet to unpack regarding this movie and how it affects the MCU but this is something we will probably end up seeing in the upcoming MCU projects. Maybe the summoning being could be exactly what was hinted at in the trailer for Eternals. Or this could be the primary interdimensional being that is responsible for the chaos in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Let’s wait and see.

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